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An interesting idea for a training run?

A new facebook group recently caught my attention, Challenge Your “Limitations”. They set multiple monthly challenges with anything from run a half marathon at the weekend up to the big one that caught my eye. There seems to be something for most abilities of runner.

The big challenge that intrigued me is interesting and could be quite a tough challenge for a lot of runners. It’s not as leftfield as races like Big’s Backyard Ultra (USA) or the Last One Standing (Northern Ireland) although I feel these races may have inspired the idea that Challenge Your “Limitations” came up with.

I like the idea and I’m going to do the challenge on Saturday 2nd February because I think it will be great training towards my run along the Dorset coastline.

Anyone participating can choose to take part on any day during February. Put simply you go and do a 10km run every 3 hours until 24 hours have elapsed. You must start on that hour (3 hours since last run), not start significantly early or late.

So that’s a 10km or 6.2 miles loop then rest, east and/or sleep. Then 3 hours after starting the previous run the next 10km loop will be started. Do I run slow to make the runs easier, at the expense of rest time? Or run relatively quickly to give more time for rest? I think the key will be taking it easy which is what I’m going to do. If it’s not fun it’ll surely be something else.

My first run will be at midnight: and then out again at 3am, 6am, 9am, etc until 9pm – that will be 80km completed or a whisker under 50 miles. For many I think the kicker will not really be the overall distance, it will probably be the stop-start nature of the challenge and getting tired.

Oh, I haven’t worked any routes out, I’m sort of going to wing-it! Put my running shoes on and do various 3.1 miles out-and-back runs. I’ll update this post with how things went and each run’s stats once I’ve finished!


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