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Final Recce of the Dorset Coast

Over the past couple of days I’ve been back to areas of the Dorset coast on what should be my final recce for my upcoming run along the coast.

This is just a short update on the areas I covered and a few of my thoughts.


Day 1: I ran from Studland to Kimmeridge and back again (Strava link). Covering 32 miles the route was tough going. Lots of mud, hills and steps. I am hoping it will be slightly drier under foot come the 12th/13th April. The run/hike came out at a moving pace of 11:37 minutes per mile but I faffed a lot, even stopped for 15 minutes to sit and talk to another walker. Overall pace was 12:50 minutes per mile.

Day 2: A short outing from Hive Beach at Burton Bradstock, along Chesil Beach (West Fleet?) towards Abbotsbury and back. The fields behind the beach were flooded and the shingle beach made for very slow going! I’m not entirely sure which is better, slow going or soaked feet at only 20 miles into the run.

Day 3: Southbourne to Chewton Bunny and return. I recced the last 6 miles of the route. It’s flat in comparison to the rest of the route and mostly paved. From Mudeford there’s a little bit of beach to cover but as I’ll be only 1 mile from the finish I don’t really think it hinder progress all that much.

Chewton Bunny

The finish at Chewton Bunny

Main thoughts from this visit…

  • Although I haven’t covered the whole route for my Dorset Coast Run I’ve covered many key parts. The rest of the route I will follow on my phone should I need to.
  • It’s going to be slow going at times.
  • I’m still undecided on whether to use trekking poles or not. I will get out with them a few more times and decide.
  • Nutrition and hydration strategy is being worked on and I feel I’m OK with what I’ll be eating and drinking
  • Accommodation has been offered by Freshwater Beach Holiday Park for the day before the challenge. I’m extremely grateful for this as it’s one less thing for me to worry over.

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Get updates…

Find out more about this challenge on my Dorset Coast Run page and by reading the excellent article published by Run Deep, finding me at Instagram ‘Dan Williams’, or go to my Dorset Coast Run page at Justgiving.com for updates and to donate.


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