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Dorset Coast Recce 1: the idea and first visit

Soon after getting confirmation that my run around the Isle of Wight coast path had been accepted as a fastest known I was asked by Andy Palmer of White Star Running if I had any plans for a similar run for 2019.

“I have my eye on attempting to run the Sussex Border Path“.

“…OK, but what about something down Dorsetshire way?”

“Go on then…” I was sold

And so the idea of the Run along the Dorset coastline came about.

Full details will be published early in 2019, once we’ve worked out the majority of the details. I can say now that I hope to utilise this run to fundraise for the Jurassic Coast Trust.

Initial recce

Early in the month (November) I booked a Premier Inn for a weekend away in Dorset. Having ran the Dark Valley Half Marathon on the Saturday evening, followed by a good few beers, I ventured to Kimmeridge on the Sunday for a planned run to Durdle Door and back.

I took the run very easy, stopping to take photos and enjoy it, but it was slower than I anticipated!

View of Durdle Door on Coast Path

View of Durdle Door on Coastal Path

Thoughts from the run…

  • A very windy day was made harder with the Half Marathon and beers the evening before.
  • The hills, although not massively long, are steep and rough in places.
  • I will be slower covering the terrain than I thought before this recce.
  • Trekking poles may be the most efficient way up some of the hills.
  • Need to learn most of the route beforehand as signposting is hit-and-miss in places.
  • Run nutrition may need to be looked at and calorie burn will be higher than my usual rule-of-thumb.

From now on all training will be specifically focused to this terrain and these hills. Learning to use walking/trekking poles efficiently is also a must.

The next visit is planned for December. I hope to visit Golden Cap, run the Portland Loop and venture East from Weymouth to Durdle Door.

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Get updates…

Find out more about this challenge on my Dorset Coast Run page, finding me at Instagram ‘Dan Williams’, or go to my Dorset Coast Run page at Justgiving.com for updates and to donate.


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