Race Results

Dan Williams Bovington marathon finish

Finish of Bovington Marathon 2016

Below is a list of marathon and ultra marathon races completed, shorter races omitted. Where known I’ve included my finishing position, official time and a link to the race organisers website.

Coming Up

25th May 2019 – Jurassic 24 Hour Race – Dorset
10th March 2019 – Larmer Tree Marathon
4th November 2018 – Meon Valley Marathon – Southdowns Way


9th June 2018 – Isle of Wight Coast Path – 70 miles
Ran the official marked Isle of Wight Coastal Path in 12:25:20 (12hours 25minutes), setting a Fastest Known Time for running this route.
My blog report on the IOW Coast Run
fastestknowntime.com: website report on run

More to be added/
9th September – New Forest Marathon 15th place
26th August – White Star Running East Farm Frolic – 12 hour Trail 1st place
28th July – South Downs Midnight Marathon 9th place
7th July – White Star Running Cider Frolic12 hour trail 1st place
3rd June – Isle of Wight Festival of Running Needles Marathon 3rd place
12th May – Ox 50 miles 5th place
11th March – Larmer Tree Marathon 12th place


To Add
28th December – Winter Cross Ultra 50km, 9th place. Mud, snow, ice & hills 31.3mi (3,045ft climb) 4:53:07

16th December – Bovington Marathon: wrong turn, extra miles, felt ill.

8th October – Isle of Wight Marathon. 13th overall, 1st V40, 3rd Mens Team 3:30:46

9th September – White Star Running Bad Cow – 12 hour Trail
1st place of 194 solo runners. Got it right! 66 miles (3,990ft climb) 11:58:19 Results

27th August – White Star Running East Farm Frolic – 12 hour Trail
5th place of 196 solo runners. Suffered bad leg cramps and finished early: 52.8 miles (4,951ft climb) 10:19:00 Results

10th & 11th June 2017 – Monster Ambit – 24 Hour Off-Road Lapped Race. Thetford, Norfolk.
3rd place of 35 solo runners. 165km (102.5 miles) 24:08:17 Results

6th May – White Star Running Ox Ultra – 12 hour off-road laps
3rd place of 209 solo runners. 64 miles (2,300m climb) 11:59:03 Results

12th March – LDWA Pewsey Downsaround
6th place with cramp issues 🙁 . 36miles (1,100m climb) in 6:38

12th March – White Star Running Larmer Tree Marathon
10th place of 307 finishers. 3:45:52 (very muddy and 900m climb) Results


11th December  –  White Star Running Bovington Trail Marathon
10th place of 336 finishers. 3:25:57, a pb by 17min 27

27th November – On The Whistle Winter Frolic – 6 hour Trail Enduro
2nd place of c150 finishers. 37.2miles in 5h40

9th October –  Isle of Wight Marathon
90th of 239 finishers. Gentle run in 4:04:53 due to chest infection.

28th August – White Star Running East Farm Frolic – 12 hour Trail Enduro
3rd place of c157 solo finishers. 61miles (2,019m climb) 11:03:45

16th July  –  Silva Endure – 12 hour Multi-terrain Enduro
3rd place of c140 entrants. 65miles 11:21:22