A new facebook group recently caught my attention, Challenge Your "Limitations". They set multiple monthly challenges with anything from run a half marathon at the weekend up to the big one that caught my eye. There seems to be something

During April 2019 I will attempt to run and speed hike the whole of Dorset coast in one go. Currently there is not an official Fastest Known Time set for the route. The route is approximately 100 miles with around 17,500

Prologue A few weeks ago I mentioned it was about just getting back into some sort of running shape, but more recently I've felt I'm recovering adequately. In the 7 weeks prior to the LDWA Pewsey Downsaround I completed the Punchbowl

This article was initially posted on my old (now defunct) blog on 30th November 2014. Oops wasn’t exactly what I said! I think it was something a bit stronger than that. But I did break both heels. Off for a weekend

If you’re like me then you may feel a lot of the over-the-counter remedies for coughs and colds are pretty expensive for what they achieve. An age old remedy for a cough is honey and cider vinegar. It is also